Best Rabbit Feeders


Do you need an automatic rabbit feeder? You’ll learn some more about the best ones currently available here.

We’ve found DecoStain to be the best option after exploring the features and benefits these automated feeders offer. Some of its best features include timing functionality and portion control among the programming capabilities.

The Automatic Rabbit Feeders We Most Recommend:

  • DecoStain Programmable Automative Pet Feeder
  • Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder
  • PETFLY Remote Control Automatic Feeder
  • Pet Lodge Rabbit Feeder with Metal Bottom and Lid

DecoStain Programmable Automative Pet Feeder

If you need to use an automatic rabbit feeder, this high-tech option is worth considering. The choices you can easily set include portion sizes, preferred feeding times, and the number of meals to serve. One of this feeder’s advantages is your ability to serve 1-12 individual portions 1-3 times daily for more convenient dispensing.

Voice recording technology is one of this product’s significant features. A recorded voice message can play at meal times.

This feeder holds up to a generous five liters of dry rabbit food. If you ever have a power outage, the feeder can run off the batteries. A power indicator will alert you to the need for a battery change. By having an extra power option, your bunnies will always have access to food.

There is a 60-day exchange policy in effect, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you greater peace of mind.

Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder

This gravity feeder measures a generous 6.5″ x 5..75″ x 8.25″. If you have multiple rabbits, they will all be able to feed very comfortably.

The unit easily connects to the cage wire, making a secure fit. All hardware required for a secure attachment to the cage is included. 

Another advantage of the feeder is its dust-resistant design. The way the unit is designed helps you keep everything cleaner for the overall health of your pets.

PETFLY Remote Control Automatic Feeder

This automatic feeder offers easy programming, coupled with the durability that you expect from such a product. The LCT control panel is large and easy to read, which goes along nicely with the overall quality construction.

The options for approximate 25g portions are flexible, with about 12 choices you can use. Programming options provide support for as many as five daily meals.

If being able to quickly know when to refill the feeder matters, you are in luck with this option. The hopper accommodates 10.6 liters of food and is transparent so you can see how much is still there.

A dual power supply that includes a battery, as well as a voice recorder, are part of this feeder’s excellent features. Being able to control your rabbit’s feeding remotely is a feature that you will find most helpful.

Pet Lodge Rabbit Feeder with Metal Bottom and Lid

This feeder features the sturdy construction that you expect. Its overall durability helps make it a capable feeder that suits your furry friend’s needs well.

The hooks are independent and provide a secure attachment to your pet’s enclosure. One of the top advantages this feeder offers is preventing spilling.

You can feed your rabbit from outside, thanks to this feeder’s design. By filling the feeder from outside the enclosure, you can avoid the risk of letting your bunny out.

A Buyer’s Guide for Automatic Feeders

One of the most important aspects of proper rabbit care is making sure they are always adequately fed. How do you ensure they always have access to their food when you’re not home? Even if you didn’t have to think about this when you first got your rabbit, being prepared for different circumstances is part of responsible pet ownership. What type of feeder you choose is an essential decision for you as well as your pet.

Different scenarios may apply depending on how many rabbits you have. Each circumstance is different, and your decision will need to take these differences into account.

Different Rabbit Ownership Circumstances

First, we’ll look at the needs of an owner with just one rabbit. Busy adults who want a low-maintenance pet are one example of someone who might own a single rabbit. Another example includes parents concerned about their children’s’ ability to remember a feeding schedule.

Any pet needs to have easy access to healthy food, and bunnies are no exception. Hay is a type of food that should always be available for regular grazing, just as they would be able to eat hay in the wild. A feeder makes it easier for you to dispense additional foods that are ideal nutrition sources. In cases where your rabbit freely roams that house, the feeder comes in handy for providing a regular supply of food any time.

These principles also apply to multi-rabbit households. Owners whose rabbits have recently had litters especially benefit from such feeding arrangements. More food sources are always better in households with multiple pets. There will be fewer problems involving your furry friends feeling crowded out by their companions.

The Features Most Needed in Rabbit Feeders

Good quality is something that should always matter in feeding devices for your pets. We’ll take a look at some of the features that are the most helpful in a feeder.

Ease of Use

Being comfortable with using the automatic feeder is essential. Regardless of whether your chosen model is simple or more high-tech, your comfort with its operation will matter. Proper use will make it easier to ensure your rabbit uses the feeder. Reading any documentation that comes with the device is an important step. Doing a trial run of the product when you’ll be at home is a way to make sure everything works smoothly.


Quality is another crucial factor for pet owners. A device that features quality construction is less likely to carry safety risks. Checking out reviews can prove most helpful in locating products of good quality. A customer who has used the product will be able to provide an honest look at its benefits and disadvantages. You’ll be able to make a better decision using reviews, even when the chosen brand is well-known.

Think of Your Budget

Setting a budget that you keep is important to the buying process. Automated feeders often become very expensive. However, it is worth remembering that food dispensed through one of these devices is more supplemental, unlike hay. Think carefully about whether extra features are worth the money.

Use Careful Consideration

Considering what you want the most out of a feeder matters. These devices have been designed with pellets in mind, which is always helpful to remember. 

Some Parting Thoughts

No automatic pet feeder, no matter how good, can take the place of manual feedings. The food that goes into these devices serves as a supplemental feeding source. Providing constant access to some hay or grass is necessary to keep your pet nourished. 

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