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Best Rabbit Hutches in 2020


What the modern world knows about rabbits is how adorable they are. People who have pet rabbits, no matter where they go, just keep looking forward to going back home and uniting with their cute bunny. Rabbits in the nature inhabit all kinds of ecosystems – meadows, woods, grasslands, etc. This makes it a huge responsibility for the pet owner to provide their bunny with an accommodation that most suits their psychological and physical needs. They need to be provided with nutrition as well as warmth. They also need to be kept away from household things as they can chew on anything and cause trouble for themselves.

One of the most important things we recommend is that you find the best rabbit hutch that will ensure your furry friend is happy at all times. To make an informed choice check out the top rabbit hutch reviews below.

What are Rabbit Hutches?rabbit-expert-pillar-article-2

Life becomes a bit easier for the bunny-lovers with Rabbit Hutches – a cage-like set up made up primarily of wood. They have one side, the one in front,  done with wire mesh. This way one can constantly monitor the rabbit and at the same time ensure good ventilation. Also, the rabbit remains safe and can keep looking outside.

Rabbits like a space that belongs only to them. Many times, when they finish playing, they come back to this space. They might not want to step outside this space against their own wishes. Hutches are where they can be most comfortable. In fact, they won’t be very happy being touched, if they aren’t feeling comfortable. This is not possible with a simple basket or just any random cage. It has to be a perfect rabbit hutch. Hutches are where they can be most comfortable.

Different Kinds of Rabbit Hutches

There is wide variety of hutches available on the market. You can get more than one for different needs. Usually one indoor rabbit hutch and one outdoor rabbit hatch are enough to keep your rabbit comfortable in all situations.

Lets have a look at the various kinds of hutches and learn what purposes they serve. Below you’ll find some of the best rabbit cage designs out there.

#2 – Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Attic

If you are on the lookout for a nice and cozy shelter for your pet rabbit breed, we have just the right thing for you – the Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Attic.


This rabbit hutch is a two-story one with a retreat area on the top floor. The hutch also has an attic along with a removable floor. The dimensions of the product are 52.8*32.5*43.5 inches and can freely accommodate 3 small rabbits.

TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels, 78.25 x 31.75 x 44.25 inches
15 Reviews
TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels, 78.25 x 31.75 x 44.25 inches
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • 2-story hutch with upper retreat areas divided by sliding door
  • Special features include wheels on one end and an attic with removable floor

The attic consists of non-slip ramp as well as hatch door which does a great job of restricting access in between the levels. Also, the roof has hinges coupled with locking arms which open on both the sides.  The cleaning of this hutch is very easy. There is a pull-out tray made of plastic which helps in fast cleaning.

Also, there is a trap door present in this hutch which will help you to keep your rabbits upstairs if you want. Since the wood used for making the hutch is soft in nature, it is not advisable to use a drill in order to assemble the hutch.

The Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with attic would be just the right one if you are looking for a compact home for your small bunnies. The hutch is the ideal one with the attic space where you can even keep toys. Though some users have found cleaning the hutch a bit difficult, it is negligible since there are numerous advantages!

#6 – Advantek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

A house-shaped shelter for the furry rabbits is on the wish list of many rabbit owners. If you too have a similar wish, then the Advnatek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch is just what you need.


This hutch is shaped just like a house which is bordered with white picket fence and also has a small “front yard” space. The house is made from Advantek’s GoneGreen fir lumber which is rot-resistant as well as insect-resistant in nature. Also, the material is very light in weight. The dimensions of the courtyard are 32H*27W*18D inches. The house measures 22H*27W*18D.

Advantek The White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch
156 Reviews
Advantek The White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch
  • Indoor space shaped like house with white picket fence and "front yard" space offers rabbits a safe and comfortable experience
  • Beautiful auburn & white color looks good in any setting
  • Includes a hinged roof on house and courtyard for easy access

The color combination of white and brown makes the hutch look great in any setting. Also, the courtyard in front of the house will allow the rabbits to play around freely.

There is a hinged roof present on top of the house and the courtyard which will help in easy access to the inside of the hutch. A few customers have complained that the house is not so sturdy in nature. One user had such an experience that he had put rabbits into this house and the bottom, as well as the sides of the house, simply fell off.

The Advnatek White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch would be just the right one for you if you are an admirer of miniature versions of houses for your pets.

#8 – ALEKO Wooden Pet House Poultry Hutch

ALEKO Wooden Pet House Poultry Hutch is suitable for rabbits, chickens, and hens. It is a wooden hutch that is spacious enough to accommodate a good number of small animals.

The hutch is a wood and mesh wired house equipped with a perfectly weatherproof roof. The dimensions are 83x32x57 inches and it comes with a pull-out drawer. There are two front doors (smaller, wooden and larger, with mesh) and a plastic window. This two level hutch is also equipped with a ramp.

ALEKO ACCRH83X32X57 83 x 32 x 57 Inches Fir Wood Pet House Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch
7 Reviews
ALEKO ACCRH83X32X57 83 x 32 x 57 Inches Fir Wood Pet House Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch
  • Give your chickens, rabbits, or other pets a spacious home to play, nest, exercise and rest
  • Chinese fir wood design is durable and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy asphalt shingle roof protects against bad weather, while ventilated wire mesh lets in good weather

ALEKO Wooden Pet House Poultry Hutch is very sturdy and durable with an aesthetically pleasing design. It is also easy to put together and can be easily carried around from one part of your house or garden to another without having to disassemble it. The pull-out drawer makes cleaning very convenient and the metal slide bolt locks provide enough safety for your pets.

The weight of the whole package is a definite disadvantage. It is too heavy to be handled by one person and the assembly instructions are not very clear. Even with the instructions, it requires quite a lot of time to put the hutch together.

Conclusion: ALEKO Wooden Pet House is a really well-made fancy house for small pets. It has nice fencing parts that are strong and thick enough to keep other bigger animals away from the ones inside the hutch. The material of the hutch is wood and works very well with the outdoor setting. Although the hutch is a little heavy and the assembly instruction is not all that clear, this pet house is a great choice for your pets.

Things to Consider When Purchasing The Best Rabbit Hutchrabbit-expert-pillar-article-3

Rabbits like their private territory a lot and always want a space where they can be on their own.  They need to feel safe just like babies. They do not like to be disturbed or patted when they are not willing. Therefore, their hutches should be such that they like them and are comfortable inside them. Make sure that when you purchase the best indoor rabbit hutch for sale, you pick one that won’t make a huge mess when cleaning. The best rabbit cage indoor will have easy ways of cleaning it up. The best rabbit cage ever will have all of this sorted.

Let us have a look at few points to be considered when purchasing an appropriate hutch for the rabbits:

  • Space and ventilation tops the list. The pet should be able to move freely and ventilation should be taken good care of so that they feel as if they are in their natural habitat. Not every rabbit hutch has proper ventilation, be weary of this.
  • The materials used to prepare the hutch are wood and mesh so we need to ensure that the craftsman has done a good job. No uneven surfaces and no wires of the mesh should be coming out of the mesh. It should be polished. Wood used should not be damp as it can eventually lead to the collapse of the entire structure or damp wood can also breed microorganisms. Any wood pieces coming out might appear as food to the pet and they might try to chew it thus hurting themselves.
  • We need to take care of the quality of the material. We should ensure the wood is of good quality and the paint, or polish on it, should be such that it doesn’t come off on coming in contact with water. It rabbit-expert-pillar-article-4should also be easy to clean, without it getting damaged. Polished walls and ceilings makes cleaning very easy and also ensure that the hutch does get cleaned effectively.

Consider the nature of your rabbits – whether the rabbits likes being cosy or are hyper active at all times. A hutch with a ramp is always a better idea than one without.

The flooring of the hutch should be such that droppings of the rabbit can go out. If the base is not the ground, then this point needs to be given all the more attention. Again even if a jet of water falls on the base, the interior of it, the floor should not get damaged.

Size of the hutch should be such that it provides the rabbit enough space to change place while sleeping or if the rabbit dirties one spot, or the spot gets soiled by rabbits’ droppings and the pet owner is not around, the rabbit should have the option of a space to move to.

The height of the hutch should be adequate. Since rabbits prefer to be close to ground, the height should not be very high. The slope of the ramp should also be adequate. The rabbit should be able to climb it with ease and yet get the feeling of climbing a slope.

What to Avoid When Purchasing a Rabbit Hutch?

We have to be extra cautious in ensuring that we try our best to avoid the possible manufacturing defects in the large rabbit hutch for sale. The best rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits is one that is free of any kind of defects and makes the bunnies comfortable. Few things to remember are:

Wood and wirerabbit-expert-pillar-article-5

The basic material from which the hutch is made is of paramount importance.

  • No rough surfaces should be there since the rabbits do not have pads under their feet.
  • Only good quality wood should be used. Wood should not be damp.
  • There should be no loose wires coming out of the mesh.
  • Termite affected wood is a big no.
  • Avoid wood that is rough and a mesh that is not tightly knit.


We need to ensure that paints used are of good quality. Avoid inferior quality polishes as the rabbit hutches polished with them might contain fumes which if inhaled can cause problems.


  • Polish should be even, well dried off and of superior quality.
  • Avoid paints that can cause allergies or leave behind a foul smell.
  • Avoid patchy polish i.e. an even and smooth coat of polish is a must.


  • Although we should look for a hutch according to the size of our pet, but we need to keep in mind the so many reasons which call for extra space.
  • Too little space and very low height must be avoided.
  • Very high ceiling should also be avoided as rabbits like being close to ground.


  • A ramp or a little running space for the rabbit is a must so look for one in the extra large rabbit hutch for sale.
  • A basic hutch might not have a ramp but the world’s best rabbit hutch ever will have a ramp for sure. Preference should, however, be given to a rabbit hutch with run for sale.

Slope of ramp

  • The surface of the ramp should be very smooth.
  • The slope should be comfortable too. Avoid hutches with slopes having too steep slopes.
  • Your rabbit should have a slope to climb and not just a straight walk.


  • No openings should be so large that rats, cats or squirrels are able to enter the hutch.
  • The base, if it is a grid of metal rods, should not have such big openings that on moving the hutch, the pet itself is left behind.

So whenever you are checking out the various giant rabbit hutch for sale, consider the above points to be able to buy the best large rabbit hutch in the world.

Rabbit Hutch Accessoriesrabbit-expert-pillar-article-6

The way a kitten can’t be left in an empty cot, a rabbit can’t be left in an empty hutch. It requires a lot of things for the pet to feel comfortable inside the hutch. While most of them are bare minimum necessities, some luxury products are available too. Therefore when you have ventured out to buy the best rabbit hutch design for your pet then check out few accessories as well:

Water and feed bowl

  • Water and feed bowls are the most important of all the accessories. One bowl for both water and feed or two separate bowls, one for water and one for feed, should be placed in the hutch.
  • Do ensure that a good quality plastic was used for making these bowls.

Rabbit feeder

  • Here are our choices for the Best Rabbit Feeders
  • These feeders are made usually of galvanised steel. They have space for storage of feed too. If the pet owner is away, it can be a good product as the rabbit food will remain stored in proper condition.

Small animal heated pad cover

  • Rabbit needs to be kept warm when the temperature falls.
  • If a heater is kept directly in front of the pet, they might try to chew on it and even tear it which can cause burns. So a warm cover is the best option.
  • These should be made of a strong fabric which gives the feel of a not-so-coarse blanket.

Urine guardrabbit-expert-pillars-2

  • If the base of the hutch is not the ground, or even if it is not the ground but a floor, then using a urine guard is an excellent idea.
  • It makes cleaning the hutch so much simple as compared to wiping the entire floor or moving the hutch to different locations.

One can also avoid foul smell by using a urine guard. It is usually made of an alloy that does not corrode. Cleaning just the guard is way easier than cleaning the entire floor.

Heated pet bowl

  • It’s like a geyser system, wherein water can be heated separately for the rabbit in a bowl, made of steel, using gas or electricity. The heating device need not be inside hutch, it can be outside.
Farm Innovators Model P-60S 1-1/2-Gallon Round Heated Pet Bowl, Grey, 60-Watt,Speckletone,1 Count (Pack of 1)
409 Reviews
Farm Innovators Model P-60S 1-1/2-Gallon Round Heated Pet Bowl, Grey, 60-Watt,Speckletone,1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • 1-1/2-Gallon heated pet bowl is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary
  • Sturdy twin wall anti-tip construction
  • Heavy-duty "anti-chew" cord protector deters chewing

Pet hay manager

  • This is one much needed accessory. It keeps the hay together.
  • This kind of system ensures that the rabbit does not throw the hay all around.
  • It can be hung on an adequate elevation, little above the ground, making the rabbit feel like its biting grass from the ground itself.

Rabbit Hutch FAQrabbit-expert-pillars-3

Whether it is about checking out the so many metal rabbit hutch for sale on the market or finding out the pros and cons of the different ones – a lot of questions keep on bombarding our minds when it is about comforting our “Touch Me Not” bunny friend. Keep in mind that not any specific answer to these questions may work out for you. What is the best rabbit hutch you may be asking? We have tried to list a few questions regarding to the rabbit hutches you would come across:

Does my bunny need a cage?

The decision to bring home a rabbit calls for additional responsibility to take care of them as you do for your own children. They are too delicate and naughty to be left free however once both you and your rabbit become accustomed to each other’s routine and nature – a cage is really not required. Although it is recommended for untrained rabbits as they tend to wander around if left free that can cost them their lives.

And that for sure is not what you brought them home for so it is better to take them out of the cage occasionally and let them be free in their new house. Any small rabbit hutch for sale will be more than enough for most bunnies.

Can two rabbits be kept together?

Rabbits are too gregarious and need a companion all the time; moreover, it is indispensable for their emotional well being as well, so rabbits are generally kept in pairs whether in cage or in open. The best rabbit hutch for two rabbits will always have enough space. However, in case they are brought individually then it is necessary to get them introduced in the right way. Furthermore, both rabbits should be de-sexed i.e. a neutered male rabbit and a spayed female rabbit make an ideal pair to accompany each other in a cage. A wooden rabbit hutch for sale is a great alternative to this. Some of the best rabbit cage setup will easily allow for 2 rabbits to live together in harmony.

Is a wired floor cage comfortable for my rabbits?

The wire floor is too hard for the delicate creatures therefore in case you buy a wired floor rabbit hutch then make sure to have a comfortable rug or resting floor placed on the floor itself so that the rabbits don’t get hurt on their feet that do not come with any kind of pads as in case of other pets. Also, an uncomfortable hutch would make the rabbits spend most of their time in litter boxes only that they feel more comfortable. Any big rabbit hutch for sale will take note of this.

How much space does a rabbit need inside the hutch?

Rabbits require an adequate and proper space for eating, sleeping, hiding, jumping, digging and playing, therefore, there should be ample of space for the rabbit inside the cage to all above conveniently. Generally, the minimum recommended size is 6’x2’ with an additional area of around 32 sq ft to exercise since they need it too frequently. The best rabbit hutch in the world will have all the space you need. Make sure to check out the dimensions before buying.

Should I cover my rabbit’s hutch at night?

It completely depends on whether you have any predators in your area or not. In case there are foxes or any such predator animals around then it is better to keep your rabbits out of their reach and sight. However, make sure that the material you cover the hutch with is suitable according to the weather. The best price rabbit hutch might not have these features.

Conclusion and final thoughtsrabbit

Rabbits are active animals and do not leave any opportunity to hop, run, jump, dig and play. Furthermore, they fall among the prey category who are always at a risk of losing their lives to the nearby predators so in case you have decided to pet a rabbit then take every possible precaution to protect them from being made food for animals around. Keep in mind the best place to buy a rabbit hutch is Amazon.

Gifting them an ideal and the best rabbit hutch plans will do the major part of the task i.e. in case you get them the right hutch where they can make them comfortable, where they can stretch, eat, play etc. then half of your worries are already solved. They are very particular about their surroundings so make sure they get the best and most comfortable hutches i.e. it should be soft so that they do not hurt themselves in the due course of their stay inside the rabbit hutch for sale.