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Best Rabbit Transport Cages in 2020

Woman showing the best rabbit transport cage

Most rabbit owners are clueless about the importance of a good quality rabbit transport cage until an emergency trip to the vet is due. Makeshift or temporary cages or boxes are a poor choice for transporting rabbits. They can hurt your pet or even endanger their lives in extreme cases.

The question is, why would you want to take a risk when there are dedicated rabbit cages in the market which allow your pet a safe resting place during travel?

These are also very useful if you like to take your pet with you during holidays. One of the worst rookie mistakes is to keep rabbits unrestrained in cars. It makes me want to cringe every time I see that happening.

Would you travel with an unrestrained dog in your car? Chances are that you won’t because the slightest impact can turn your dog into a projectile that can hurt you and him.

Why don’t the same rules apply for a rabbit then?

Nevertheless, if you are reading this, then chances are that you are looking for the best rabbit transport cage for your bunny. Well, you are in luck. For we have not one, but five of the best ones for you.

Quick Comparison: Top Rabbit Transport Cages in 2019

Rabbit CageQualityOur Rating
Favorite Dog Cat Rabbit Airline Approved Travel CageB+
Favorite Top Load Portable Pet Small Animal CarrierA
Suncast 23 in. Deluxe Pet CarrierA+
Pet Kennel Direct 20" Airline Approved Plastic travel crateA+
Kaytee Me Travel Carrier, LargeB+

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

The Highest Quality Rabbit Transport Cages Available on The Market

To make your life easier I’ve prepared a short list of some great cages.

#1 – Favorite Dog Cat Rabbit Airline Approved Travel Cage

My #1 pick is the super compact rabbit cage from Favorite. This is a perfect sized cage for transporting one rabbit. It is 23″ L x 15.5″ W x 13.5″ H which means that your rabbit will have ample room to move around in the cage.

Favorite Dog Cat Rabbit Airline Approved Car Travel Vet Visit Pet Carrier

It has a wire mesh door on one side and durable polyethylene doors on all the other sides with ventilation slats. This keeps the cage airy and bright at all times.

The plastic is extremely durable. It does not bend, break or crack and is resistant to scratching and bites from your bunny. There is a bit of assembly involved since it comes in three different parts. But it is fairly simple and there are instructions in case you get stuck.

The Favorite Rabbit transport cage has two openings. One is the wire mesh door and the other is a top door which can be lifted up to remove or keep your pet inside. Both the doors can be secured with a latch.

The wire mesh is thick and chew-proof and will keep your pet safe and secure during travel. By the way, this is an airline approved transport cage. So, if you are looking to travel internationally or within the country with your pet, then you will need this cage. You may however have to speak to the airline to know more details about compliance.

The Favorite Rabbit cage is also very easy to carry. It has a top handle as well as a removable shoulder strap if you wish to shoulder carry.


At under $36, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice in the market. Looking for an inexpensive first rabbit cage? Go for this smartly designed one from Favorite.

#2 – Favorite Top Load Portable Pet Small Animal Carrier

 The first pick in this list is perfect for all types of travel with your bunny. But if you are just looking for a portable cage for vet visits or short walks around the neighborhood, then take a look at this top loading portable pet carrier.

Favorite Top Load Portable Pet Small Animal Carrier Outdoor Short Trip Travel Vet Visit

This is also manufactured by Favorite and is one of their most popular models.

The Portable pet small carrier is 18.5 inches in length and 12 inches in width making it roomy enough for short trips. Even a large sized bunny should be able to sit and sprawl comfortably in it.

It looks stunning with a white and turquoise color tone and has a transparent lid on top which lets you keep an eye on your pet. There are two rotatable buttons which let you secure the lid. This also makes it easy to remove your pet from the cage in an emergency situation.

The cage is essentially divided into two halves and there are four locks which snap into place when you join the two halves. It is stable and sturdy.

There are a lot of vents on all the sides which keeps the cage airy and bright just like bunnies love. Carrying it is extremely easy too thanks to two handles which give the cage perfect balance.


I own two of these for my bunnies. Just takes the guesswork out of their vet visits and they love sitting in these.

#3 – Suncast 23 in. Deluxe Pet Carrier

Suncast’s 23 inches deluxe pet carrier is perfect for the extra chubby bunny that will struggle to fit in to normal sized rabbit transport cages. It is 23 inches long and 15 inches wide. For normal sized rabbits, this will be akin to a plush rabbit cage with ample space.

Suncast 23 in. Deluxe Pet Carrier

The design looks is different from conventional rabbit cages and there are a few neat additions to improve the aesthetics. For starters, the cage has wire mesh on three sides. The mesh is made of metal and is impossible to chew through.

There’s ample light and air in the cage during travel.

For longer trips, there are slots inside the cage where you can hang your rabbit’s food bowl and water bottle. This is a lovely addition to the design that prevents you from accidentally forgetting to pack these.

There’s also a small storage compartment which can come in handy if you are using this to transport your cat or dog and want to store their leash. Also, there’s a sticker where you can put your pet’s name.

One of the most important differences is that this is not a top opening design. There’s only one front access door to the cage. However, given the dimensions of the cage, the opening should suffice to keep and remove your rabbit whenever you want to.

When not in use, it can be dismantled and stored flat.


If you have two dwarf rabbits or one super sized fur ball, then this extra spacious cage will be the right pick to transport them for holidays or to the vet.

#4 – Pet Kennel Direct 20″ Airline Approved Plastic travel crate

One more for the air travelling bunnies! This travel crate comes from Pet Kennel Direct who are one of the most popular brands manufacturing pet products. It is compatible with all USA airline standards & International Airline Standards which is mandatory for air travel for your pets.

Pet Kennel Direct 20 Airline Approved Plastic Dog Cat Pet Kennel Carrier or Air Travel with Chrome Door and Food Water Cup Foldable Dog Travel Crate

The cage is 20 inches long and 13 inches wide. So there’s no dearth of space for your pet. It is made of heavy duty plastic and should last for years without any problems whatsoever.

It is actually designed to accommodate dogs and cats that are up to 20 lbs. So your rabbit should fit right in.

The Pet Kennel Direct plastic travel crate is secured from all four sides and has a single front access door. Unlike some of the other cages in this list, it does not have tons of vents all over the side walls. The vents are slightly elevated on the walls but provide sufficient air and light.

The only possible downside is that your pet may not be able to get a 360 degree view of the surrounding during travel.

The front door is made of wire mesh and has a quick access latch that lets you remove your pet with ease.


A small but sturdy carry handle allows you to carry it easily.

#5 – Kaytee Me Travel Carrier, Large

Well, if you found my #4 pick a tad too claustrophobic for your pet, then you are absolutely going to love my next pick. This is the Kaytee Me Travel Carrier cage that is open from all five sides. It is more like a wire mesh rabbit crate that is open from all directions. Only this one is designed for travel. There is no dearth of air or light in this one.

Kaytee Me Travel Carrier, Large

Like Kaytee Me’s rabbit cages, it has a sturdy deep set base that attaches to the wire mesh sides. The wire mesh is chew-proof and your bunny is not going to escape from this one for sure.

The plastic base is easy to clean. You can just dismantle this and hose it to remove any debris or droppings.

The handle is large and easy to grip. Also, the front access door is pretty spacious giving you easy access to your bunny whenever you need to.

The Kaytee Me Travel Carrier also includes an optional wooden perch for birds.

Rather than trips to the vet, I use my Kaytee Me Travel Carrier for neighborhood walks with my bunnies. They just love exploring the surroundings and it gives them some much needed sun and air.


The best part? This is priced under $20. If that doesn’t make you want to try one of these, then maybe nothing will.

How to Pick The Best Rabbit Transport Cage For Your Bunny

Buying transport cages might seem like a simple enough decision to make. Trust me on this, it’s not. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

There are tons of important factors to consider. At the forefront is the intended use of the cage.

Where will your bunny travel to?

For short trips to the vet or for neighborhood walks, you can pick just about any of the above mentioned best rabbit transport cages. I personally prefer the #2 pick, the Portable pet small carrier from Favorite or the Kaytee Me Rabbit cage. It is inexpensive and keeps the rabbit interested in the surroundings. For airline travel, you need an airline approved rabbit transport cage. The best one in this list is the #4 pick from Pet Kennel Direct.

How big is the cage?

Just because it’s a short drive to the vet does not mean that you can stuff your rabbit into a cramped cage. The rules of buying a rabbit crate still apply. There must be enough room for your pet to comfortably sit and lie down in the cage. If your rabbit is fussy about cages, then more the room, the better it is. Some pet parents also prefer cages with add-on features like a food bowl and a water bottle.

What material do you prefer?

Almost all the best rabbit transport cages are made of durable, heavy-duty plastic. The only other option that you have is to pick one that has wire mesh on the sides.

How will you carry the cage?

If you prefer carrying the rabbit transport cage in your hands, then one with a single handle should suffice. But if you prefer carrying it on your shoulders, then you need a cage that has a shoulder strap attachment. The carry handle should be sturdy and keep the cage balanced when you lift it and move.

How will you access the cage?

I personally prefer cages with two access doors. The top loading one makes it so much easier to lift up your rabbit from the cage. However, front access doors are not bad provided they give you enough room to reach into the cage. That’s a rule of thumb. Put both your hands inside the cage and try to imagine as if you are removing your pet from it. Does it feel too cramped? You need another cage then.

Can you clean the cage?

Despite being a 15 minute drive to my vet, I have had my pets litter the cages on multiple occasions. Sometimes, they are feeling a bit under the weather. On other occasions, they just don’t like to step out of the house. Whatever the reason, you need a cage that you can clean easily. And that’s precisely why soft rabbit cages or ones made of wood don’t work.

Transporting rabbits is always a challenge. But with the best rabbit transport cage, you can be rest assured that your pet is safe and secured. I hope that you like one of the five that I have recommended and you have a safe trip with your bunny.

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