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Best Stackable Rabbit Cages / Multi Level Rabbit Cages in 2020

Rabbit in a multi level rabbit cage

Housing a bunch of bunnies is fun. But it comes with the added responsibility of giving them ample space to move about. If you live in a small sized home or a micro apartment where every inch of real estate is a priced commodity, then you’d love the utilitarian design of the stackable rabbit cages.

These are also called multi level rabbit cages and have rabbit living spaces that are stacked one above the other. Each layer functions as an independent rabbit cage and these are interconnected with ramps allowing the rabbit to hoppity skip from one level to the other.

However, like all things rabbit related, buying the best stackable rabbit cages is nothing short of tricky. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them may look like the Beverly Hills of rabbit housing but are riddled with pitfalls that can hurt and even cause grave injuries to your pet.

Having lived with two French lops and a group of other bunnies, I have had the privilege to check some of these multi level rabbit cages first hand. We also have a rabbit parent community where we meet once in a while bunnies in tow and talk about rabbity things while nibbling on carrots.

Based on the chatter and my own experiences and research, here are the best stackable rabbit cages in the market currently.

Quick Comparison: Top Multi Level Rabbit Cages in 2019

Rabbit CageQualityOur Rating
Critter Nation / Small Animal Cage with StandB+
Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty Dog Pet Cage Kennel w/ TrayA-
43" Stackable Heavy Duty Cage w/ Feeding Doors and DividerB+
Miller Manufacturing Rabbit CageB

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Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of each of the above products.

The Highest Quality Stackable Rabbit Cages on The Market

To make your life easier I’ve prepared a list of the best stackable rabbit cages / best multi level rabbit cages available:

#1 – Critter Nation / Small Animal Cage with Stand

 The first time I saw the Critter nation animal cage with stand, it was housing three chinchillas and almost immediately, I could see the perfect living space for my dwarfs.

Critter Nation Small Animal Cage with Stand

This is a two storied stacked animal cage and each level is spacious. The dimensions are 36 inches in length and 24 inches in width. It makes for a luxurious living space for up to two adult sized rabbits and up to three dwarfs.

The cage is made of wire mesh that has a ½ inch spacing which prevents the rabbits from making chew attempts. For critters and chinchillas, this serves as the perfect climbing walls that lets them cater to their natural instincts.

Each level also has height adjustable shelves that serve as extended balconies. My bunnies love to hop on to it to rest after having their feed.

The floor is covered by a wide expanse removable pan that makes it easy to clean the cage if your rabbit is not litter trained. Two wide opening doors give you easy access to the interiors of the cage. These are fitted with double locking latches that can be opened easily with one hand to remove your pet.

The levels are interconnected by ramps with a happy feet covering on them. This is nothing but a no-slip surface that gives them traction during their climbs and descends. It prevents the pet from slipping and accidentally falling during their passage.

Another lesser known feature of the Critter National Small animal cage is that it is very easy to accessorize this. You can add toys, hammocks and a bunch of other accessories to customize the cage for your pet.

Last but not the least; the cage is fitted with caster wheels that can be easily maneuvered and locked if need be.


Irrespective of whether you are housing rabbits or chinchillas or rats, the Critter Nation Small Animal cage is just perfect. It is huge, spacious, easy to clean and has a space-saving design. At the price, it saves you the hassles of buying multiple cages.

#2 – New 37″ Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty Dog Pet Cage Kennel w/ Tray, Floor Grid, and Casters

Firstly, this is not a rabbit cage. It is a dog kennel that is used for dogs up to 70 lbs. That may make it seem like overkill for rabbits. But that’s certainly not the case if you house French lops. My bunnies love this cage.

New 37 Homey Pet Open Top Heavy Duty Dog Pet Cage Kennel w Tray, Floor Grid, and Casters

It is just about the perfect size for them at 37 inches length and 22 inches width. They can easily sprawl with their feet extended just the way they like to.

The Homey Pet heavy duty cage has a wire mesh design just like most other rabbit cages. This keeps it airy and bright. The mesh is close enough to prevent breakout attempts or injuries to your pet. Also, it has a top opening design that makes it easy to lift the rabbits out.

There’s also a floor grid that gives your pet the bunny the perfect grip and ensures that droppings, fur and dander slip through to the removable tray at the bottom.

 You can also choose to fit the tray inside the cage if that works better for your pet.


I have used the two tier cage by Homey Pet. However, it is also available in a three tier design. The best part is that each tier can be separated as an individual cage if need be.

Lockable caster wheels on the bottom make it easy to transport the cage inside the house or to the lawn for a quick wash.

#3 – 43″ Stackable Heavy Duty Cage w/ Feeding Doors and Divider

If 37 inches seem too small for your pet, then here’s an even bigger one from Homey Pet. This is the super large stackable heavy duty cage that is 43 inches in length and 38 inches in width. No matter how pudgy your bunny is, they will easily find room to rest in this one.

43 Stackable Heavy Duty Cage w Feeding Doors and Divider

A heavy duty wire mesh that is spaced 1.15 inches apart form the four sides of the cage and there is a full sized top opening to lift up your pets easily. The cage is only 33 inches tall. So, you won’t have to bend too much to lift your bunnies either.

The package includes a divider which can be useful if you have two bunnies that are fighting with each other or there’s a single bunny that is sick and needs to be housed separately.

For cleaning and feeding, there are extra wide front opening doors that give you convenient access to the inside of the cage. Cleaning is effortless thanks to a removable tray at the bottom.

With enough room, you can easily install a litter bowl, the feeder, the water bottle and a hay feeder in the cage. I also hung two hammocks for my rabbits though they rarely used it.


The best part is that you can buy two or even three of these and stack them one above the other if you have multiple pets. Each tier can easily house two or three adult sized rabbits and up to four dwarf sized ones.

#4 – Miller Manufacturing Rabbit Cage

My final pick in this list of best stackable rabbit cages is not a stackable cage by design. However, with some simple hacks, there is no reason why you cannot stack a few of these one above the other.

Miller Manufacturing Rabbit Cage

Moreover, it is so cheap, that you can get a three tier cage at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.

This is the Miller manufacturing rabbit cage that has the simplest design among all other rabbit cages in the market.

It is completely made of wire frame which is a minor let down especially if you are concerned about the wire mesh hurting the rabbit’s feet.

But like I said earlier, it’s a simple hack. I just put a layer of hay which doubles up as the bedding too. It keeps the bunny warm which is an added benefit.

You can also rig a removable tray on the bottom which you can pull out for cleaning. That would probably take some extra effort. But it’s completely doable.

Coming to the cage, it is very durable and sturdy. There’s a single large front opening which has a spring tension latch for one hand operation. You can remove this and your bunny effortlessly even with one hand.

The metal wire is rust proof which lets me hose it down if it needs to be cleaned.


One of the things that need to be mentioned though is that you will need J-Clip pliers to assemble the cage. It is not included in the package.

How to Buy Stackable Rabbit Cages

As I mentioned at the beginning, not everything that looks like the perfect house for your bunny is necessarily good.

When it comes to stackable rabbit cages, even a tiny design flaw can result in an injury to your pet. Here are a few things that you need to keep an eye out for while selecting one.

Space: The very idea of a stackable design is to conserve space that a conventional rabbit hutch would occupy. But, the space saving should not be at the cost of room for your pet to move about. It is estimated that rabbits need a cage that is at least six times their size. As a rule of thumb, I consider that the cage must be at least 30 inches in length and approximately 24 inches wide. In a stackable design, this would allow you to house two rabbits in a single cage. This size requirement will vary depending on the breed of the rabbit too.

Access: Stackable cages rarely have top openings although a couple that I have picked in my list of the best multi level rabbit cages do have such a design. Even if it does, there’s usually a front opening also which facilitates cleaning. Depending on how you prefer accessing the interior of the cage, you’d want to ensure that the cage you pick has an opening that allows it.

Durability: Some multi level rabbit cages are in fact dog crates that can house dogs up to 70 lbs. This means that you can easily keep two adult sized rabbits on the top cage without worrying about the bottom giving away under the weight of the pets. However, if it’s a rabbit cage or a small animal cage, then you should avoid keeping heavy pets in the top crate. Keep them in the lower tiers and house the lightweight rabbits or juveniles in the top tier. If it’s a wire mesh design, look for quality metallic wire that is chew-proof.

Features: Due to the roomy interiors, stackable rabbit cages rarely have add-on features like water bowls or feeders. However, ensure that there’s enough room for you to install these in the cage. Some cages feature hooks or other attachments that let you attach these to the cage. Other features like a divider can be useful if you want to separate an unneutered male and female rabbit or an injured rabbit. Connectivity between the two tiers is usually with a ramp. The ramp needs to have no-slip feet to prevent your rabbit from slipping and falling into the lower cage.

Cleaning: A stackable rabbit cage can be more difficult to clean than it looks like. So, look for designs that have removable pans under each tier. This will let you dispose the droppings and urine without spilling it into the bottom tier. Most importantly, the wire mesh needs to be rust proof so that you can use a hose to clean it.

Wheels: While caster wheels are not mandatory, they are a very helpful addition to a rabbit cage especially during cleaning. You can easily push the cage to the bathroom or to any other part of the house and wash it clean.

Assembly and disassembly: Most people don’t give assembly too much thought while buying the best multi level rabbit cages. However, I have seen many models that can take hours to assemble and may even require cutting and drilling holes. I know it’s a pain to get something out of the box and then spend a few hours trying to fix it. So, look for cages that are easy to assemble. To make things easy, I have picked four of the best cages that can be assembled in less than an hour.

That’s it bunny lovers. I hope you enjoyed reading this stackable rabbit cage buying guide. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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