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Buying Guide for Rabbit Tunnels

A truly excellent tunnel for rabbits should be both durable and breathable. The best options have frames of sturdy steel and polyester that resists tears. Something that is simple to fold will save time when the time comes to store and transport the tunnel. The following are five of the best examples of rabbit tunnel on the market to keep your rabbit healthy and entertained.

Pawaboo Tunnel S-Shaped

  • S-Shaped design – The bends in this S-Shape design are enjoyable for your rabbit, allowing the bunny to dart with agility through the shape.
  • Easy Fold Away – It is easy to pop open this tunnel in mere seconds and almost as easy to bring the rigid pieces together again in folding it. This tunnel is then secured by elastic bands.
  • Considerate – The thought that has gone into this bunny tunnel’s design is thorough and creative. The peepholes are carefully placed and the included hanging ball toy’s bell will ensure a rabbit’s entertainment for plenty of time.
  • Quality – The fabric is tear-resistant and it is mounted on a frame of strong steel, meaning this bunny tunnel was built with quality and meant to last. It is designed to deal with cat claws so you know it will not rip or tear easily.

Prosper Collapsible 3-Way Play Toy

  • Assortment of Fun – This tunnel system consists of three spacious tunnels that feature built-in crinkle paper, a toy bell, and a peephole, all for your rabbit’s enjoyment. 
  • Durable – This tunnel system’s polyester skin is extra strong and resists tears. It is wrapped about a steel frame for safe support, this frame with protective ends. This means that, regardless of your bunny’s energy level, the tunnels should not collapse.
  • Easily Portable – Because of the folding mechanism, only seconds are necessary to put this tunnel system away for travel or storage. An elastic band holds it secure when folded.

Feline Ruff Large Collapsible Play Toy

  • Wide Tunnel – A feature to love about this tunnel is its impressive girth of 12 inches in diameter. Regardless of how large your bunny is, it should find no difficulties in playing throughout this tunnel system.
  • Length – This play tunnel also boasts great overall length. Its 56 inches of play room means your rabbit will enjoy extra room to exercise.
  • Play Balls – This tunnel system also contains two quiet balls for play without the annoying jingle of belled balls.

Collapsible Crinkle Pet Play Tubes Tunnel

  • High Quality – This bunny tunnel’s steel frame and polyester skin which is resistant to tearing mean that pets will enjoy great fun for long periods.
  • Interconnected – This system consists of three separate tunnels connected; the juncture at the center features a peephole. The crinkle paper keeps bunnies excited and playful.
  • Easily Folded – This tunnel collapses easily and takes up little space when folded. It can be folded quite quickly and comes with a band of elastic to hold it folded.

Juvale Play Tunnel Tube

  • Fun for your Bunny – This tunnel’s bright features and long design make it highly entertaining for rabbits to dart through.
  • Simple – This tunnel’s design is a simple straight line, permitting it to be placed more easily at the edge of a room and left for rabbits to play with rather than repeatedly setting it up and taking it down, as must be done with more complex and larger tunnel systems.
  • Sturdy and Portable – The built-in steel that maintains the shape of this tear-resistant polyester tube allows it to fold down into a flat shape that is easy to collapse and pop open again.

Buyers Guide for Bunny Tunnels

Playful creatures, rabbits need plenty of physical and mental stimulation in order to be kept happy. In the wild, rabbits can be observed chasing each other and running about. When they are kept as pets, the owner has a responsibility to provide rabbits with entertainment. An excellent way means of accomplishing this is with a rabbit tunnel.

Tunnels are a prime part of the life of a rabbit in the wild. Wild rabbits live in extensive tunnel networks known as warrens, often with their extended families. Just as zoos provide enrichment items to entertain the animals that are their wards, rabbit owners can give their pets tunnels to help provide the chance to act as they would naturally.

Benefits of Rabbit Play Tunnels

Any bored pet can become destructive, and rabbits are no different. Digging and chewing are both common actions of rabbits that have too much time and not enough to do. To protect your furniture, rabbit cage, and carpet, you should provide your rabbit with outlets for its energy. This stimulation is crucial to maintain a rabbit’s overall health.

Playing in a rabbit play tunnel is an excellent means of bonding with your bunny. Spending time with your rabbit daily is important. They need daily time out of their cage for exercise. By allowing them to play with you and interact with a play tunnel, you meet two of their needs simultaneously.

Exercise is particularly important to domestic rabbits. There are experts recommending a minimum of two hours every day for rabbits to spend outside of a hutch or cage. The space inside either is quite simply not sufficient for a rabbit to properly get its legs stretched. Also, a bunny that is mostly sedentary risks muscle loss as well as issues with the cardiovascular system. While many toys can help, a rabbit tunnel is best for meeting needs.

Considerations When Purchasing a Bunny Play Tunnel


Several types of rabbit play tunnels await the perusal of bunny owners. Some you can find at the pet store. If the rabbit section seems a little sparse in its selection, try the section for cats. Many rabbits even seem to hold a preference for those tunnels designed for cats. Play tunnels can be purchased from sites online or even made yourself, if you feel inspired.


The size of your rabbit is a prime factor in your choice of bunny tunnels. While rabbits can fit themselves into spaces that require them to squeeze pretty tightly, you do not your pet stuck in its new tunnel.


Some tunnels endure longer than others. Their degree of required upkeep will also vary. While cardboard tunnels are inexpensive and lightweight, they are quite difficult to clean. They are also quite tempting to chew. This tunnel type needs regular replacement. A tunnel with an open bottom has a higher degree of easy cleanability than one of solid plastic.