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CC RH-08 Rabbit Hutch Review in 2020

Rabbit hutches are available in plenty of variety across the stores. However, most of them are meant for one particular animal, for example, only for chickens or rabbits exclusively. But if you are looking for a hutch that would serve multiple functions, then we have just the right thing for you. We have a hutch in mind which can be used for the guinea pigs or rabbits or even chickens.

The CC RH-08 Rabbit and Guinea Pig hutch looks like the miniature version of a house and is highly functional in nature. We have gone through various online sites and have found it on Amazon for a very affordable price. If you are on the lookout of a similar item, you should have a look at the features, pros as well as cons of the house.

Features of the CC RH-08 Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutchcc-only-rh-08-rabbit-and-guinea-pig-hutch-rabbit-expert

The house is made from wood and has been crafted to perfection to perfection by highly skilled craftsmen. The color of the hutch is mainly cinnamon and it looks very sober whether it is kept in the yard or even in the garden. The size of the hutch is standard and its dimensions are 47*47*59 inches. The weight of the house is around 130 pounds. The roof has a slope, is dark blue in color and is pointed at the top. The dimensions of the interior part of the house are 21*21 inches. The outdoor space of the hutch somewhat resembles the balcony of a house. The bars of the hutch are made of coated wire that is inset in medium walls, soft in nature.

Read the pros and cons of the hutch as they have been described below:

Pros of the CC RH-08 Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch

The house would be just perfect if you have two small bunnies. The best part about it is that it is safe from the attack of predators. They would be unable to push the roof and access the interiors of the hutch. This happens because the roof sets on top of the hutch. So you can install locking hooks which will secure the roof to the structure of the hutch. This will prevent any predator to enter the house. The precautions against the attack of the predators might take a bit of time, but it will be every inch worth it.

The craftsmanship of the hutch is of the best quality. Each and every piece of the house is lined up to perfection and you would not find any damaged parts. The look of the house is very striking.

The house has great ventilation. You can add a bit if predator proofing with the help of a 12 gauge mesh and add it to the bottom of the hutch so that the predators cannot attack from the below.

There is also an interior room in the hutch which would be just right to provide the right amount of comfort for the winter.

What you should keep your eye on

This hutch has almost no negative points as the users are highly satisfied with it. However, a few users have complained that since this hutch mainly for the rabbits, they have a tendency to chew off parts of the lattice. So they have suggested that it would have been better if the hutch was chew proof in nature.


The CC RH-08 Rabbit and Guinea Pig hutch is a product which has been able to satisfy its customers very well. It will serve multiple purposes and will provide great service of a shelter for chickens too. Place it in your backyard and be assured of the safety of your animals!