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Learn All About the Different Rabbit Breeds


Rabbit is one of the loveliest pets one can have. It is ever cute and nice to have. It definitely is a pet that creates mess around but the cuteness overloaded makes the messy characteristics diminish.

They are smaller mammals and belong to the family of Leporidae. The male rabbit is called a buck while a female is called a doe. They have such cute names too. Like the way we call the young cats kittens, in the similar manner we call the small rabbit kitten or kit.

They are found in areas of woods, wetland, grasslands, meadows and deserts. Rabbits love to breed together in a group and live in burrows underground. They are very sharp when it comes to running around and eating. I fell in love with this rabbit that my neighbor owned. I didn’t know much about its way of living and food habit. So decided to learn about rabbits first and then have one so that it gets easier for me to communicate. So here is a piece on what I had learnt about rabbit breeds and their habitat.

Rabbit breeds

There are many breeds of rabbits that one must know about. As per study, there have been around 45 breeds which are sub categorized as Giant, small, big, large and largest. Breeds have been identified and categorized as per the size, breeding habit, food habit, quality of fur, weight and many other factors taken into consideration.

With each breed, you may find different colors of rabbit. The fur can be white, black, gold, blue, chocolate and may other shades of brown. Did we know that there can be so many colors of rabbit?

The breeds are specific to countries. Let us know which places have different breeds of rabbit. America, English Spot, New Zealand, Himalayan, Dutch, Californian, Polish and any more places have a hub of different breeds of rabbits. You will find both pure breed and mixed breed.

Why people breed rabbits?

There are many rabbit breeds and each breed earns profit to the owner. The owner breeds a rabbit for various purposes. A few owns it for love, some for hosting shows and the remaining for the love of rabbit meat and the fur that earns money. These are all pertaining to domestic rabbits. Wild rabbits can be quite dangerous at times.

Another reason why people love to breed rabbits is that they make live silently in a small area. They don’t have to be fed on quality food like the dogs. They can live on any vegetable. They are simple to look after. In fact one doesn’t have to spend time looking after them. They are hyper active and can make you active in the long run.

Many researchers like to use rabbits to perform some laboratory function. They serve to cure infectious diseases at times.

The fur of the rabbit is one of the priciest items available. People love to wash, clean, dye it and get it used to create some innovative and beautiful garments that can make anyone envious.

Giant Rabbits Breedsgiant-rabbits-rabbit-expert

Giant rabbit breeds are those breeds of rabbits which weigh more than 12 pounds and anything within 20 pounds. They are quite heave and massive. They need bigger place to breed and more food to eat. They are not too easy to handle. Some of the giant rabbits are extremely docile which tells that are good to be kept at home but some may be extremely difficult to look after. There are three names to Giant breeds of rabbits.

  • Checkered Giant: This rabbit as already mentioned weights more than 12 pounds and has checkered black and white color on the body. The head looks bigger while the rabbit when sits appears like an animal ready to take a leap. It has an arched back. The ears are straight upwards. Things to consider who are looking to have this rabbit at home. They need more care compared to others owing to its racier body. It is quite prone to injury. The size is another big factor to make the decision.
  • Flemish Giant: The breed is one of the most favorite breeds of everyone. It weights over 14 pounds and is larger than Checkered Giant too. It has a long body and just like the previous one has ears straight pointing up. The color is usually brown. Due to its massive size, one needs immense strength and patience to handle. This breed is also called the King of rabbits. They can be quite friendly if taught to socialize at a young age
  • Giant Chinchilla: It is a full bodied rabbit which has the similar kind of ears like that of the other two. The color is usually slate blue or gray, pearl and black. This breed was first discovered in the year 1921. The meat of these rabbits is loved by all. Unlike the first two that can turn out to be difficult at times, this breed is friendlier and love to socialize. They are healthy breeds and are less prone to heat. The first Giant Chinchilla doe was named Million Dollar Princess and the doe was cross. The cross between Flemish and Chinchilla gave birth to the first Giant Chinchilla.

Small Rabbit Breedssmall-rabbit-rabbit-expert

Unlike the giant breeds, there are a number of small rabbit breeds. Knowing each of them can be helpful to those who are first timers in breeding rabbits. Let us have a look into each of the breeds.

American Fuzzy Lop: It weighs 3 pounds to 4 pounds, quite lighter than the giant breeds and an excellent to be kept at home. This breed has a small body but comparatively larger ears. They resemble Holland Lop and hence have been named American Fuzzy Lop. They can be found in various colors but the most common one is light brown. As they are furry, it is important to take good care of this breed. It is one of the most desired small rabbit breeds. They are cute but needs regular grooming.

Britannia Petite: It weighs 2-3 pounds and is tiny in appearance. It is believed that this breed of rabbit is more hyper and aggressive when compared to other small breeds. If you are up for some challenge, then go for it.

Dwarf Hotot: They weigh 3-4 pounds and have dark black eyes. The eyes are its attraction. It brightens the look and makes it appear unique. It is completely white except the area around the eyes which is a mix of black and dark gray. Quite an attractive rabbit it is!

Himalayan: These breeds are very unique in appearance with black spots on the mouth and ears only. The black spots can be seen on the feet too. Their ears are erect but shorter comparatively. They weigh around 2-4 pounds.

Apart from these breeds, there are more in the list. The breeds are Jersey Wooley, Lionhead, Mini Plush Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Dutch, English Angora, Florida White, Havana, Mini Lop, Silver, Standard Chinchilla, Tan and Velveteen Lop. Well, all of them weigh around the same and the small rabbit breeds are definitely friendlier than any other breeds.

Big Rabbit Breeds

Like the small breeds of rabbits, there are a number of big rabbit breeds. Let us know about the top three at least.

American Sable: These rabbits weigh 7 to 10 pounds. They are full bodies with sepia colored body. Their ears are medium sized with pointing upwards.

Belgian Hare: This breed weighs 6 to 9 pounds approximately and in lean in shape. It doesn’t have the look of any usual rabbit. The ears are definitely larger. As the body is bony, they are more likely to have fractures of bones. Good care is a must.

California: This is another big rabbit that weighs around 8 to 10 pounds. The length of the body is medium while the ears are upright and body full.

You can find more big breeds of rabbits like English spot, French Angora, Giant, Harlequin, Hotot and many more. It is always recommended that before one plans to own a rabbit, one learns about the rabbit in details. That will give a fair idea and your potential to either breed or not.

Large Rabbit Breeds

Large rabbit breeds are those rabbits which weigh approximately between 8 pounds to 12 pounds. They are little smaller is size and weight than the Giant breeds. But for someone who doesn’t want too big nor too small rabbit to breed, this can make an ideal choice.

American: This rabbit weights 9 to 12 pounds with well-rounded hind quarters. The color options can be black, gray or slate. The shoulders are narrow but long ears that are erected upwards.

American Chinchilla: The next in the list is American Chinchilla. They weigh the same like that of American with again similar structure of hind quarters. Ears of these rabbits are long and straight.

Beveran: It has a pear shaped body and weighs between 8-12 pounds. This also has long erect ears.

Champahne d’Argent: The rabbit weights 9 to 12 pounds and is quite unusual than other breeds. It changes its color from its transformation from young to adult. Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

The list is like never ending. But if you do a little research, you can find a lot that falls under this category. Let me name the rest for you. They are Cinnamon, Crème D’Argent, English Lop, French Lop, New Zealand and Silver Fox.

So it depends on you which one is you choice and which you would like to have in future.

Largest Rabbit Breeds

Now to know which the largest breed is, we need to rewind. As we began with the Giant Breed, the largest breed ought to be from that breed. Out of the three giant rabbit breeds, the largest rabbit breeds are the Flemish Giants. They weight approximately 20 pounds which is equivalent to 9 Kgs. Imagine the weight you might have to handle when you are breeding this rabbit.

These rabbits apart from being owned as a pet are also bred for other benefits like fur and meat. They are the most docile rabbit for pet purpose. They are huge in shape and size but extremely friendly. People love to keep them at home.

Things to remember if breeding Flemish Giantflemish-giant-rabbit-expert

There are undoubtedly many things to consider if you are breeding Flemish Giant. A few of them are as follows-

  • The cage of the rabbits should be big enough for them to move their body easily. The size of the cage shouldn’t create inconvenience for people
  • They are quite prone to heat, so ensure that the cages are away from heat
  • Make sure the cage has good roofing. The roofing is a must so that the rabbits are protected from wind and rain too
  • The quantity of food should be increased with the increase in the size of the rabbits
  • Apples, Broccoli and cabbage can be included in the diet
  • They should not be fed too much protein, calorie, salt and calcium

If taken care of all these points, it will make a great breeding for anyone. Even a first timer can find these tips useful to make it a successful breeding.

A few rabbits are easy to breed while some are not. If you have children at home, you need to careful about the size and weight of a rabbit. Your child might get hurt without your knowledge. On the contrary kids love rabbits and they find it less harmful and playful than any other domestic animal. So if you know which rabbit to bring home and which can fulfil your wish of having a rabbit, then you know which one to go for.

Rabbits are some of the most bred pets as they are known for their friendly behavior, cute looks and less aggression compared to other pets. You can see a child always smiling with rabbits around. It makes your life active and happier too.