The Ferplast Rabbit Hutch Review


The Ferplast Rabbit Hutch is a plastic hutch which is light-weight and easy to handle unlike most of the other rabbit hutches that are constructed using wood. There are a lot of features to look for in this hutch which distinguishes it from its competitors and makes it one of the best choices that you can make for your pet. The best thing is that you can use it both indoor and outdoor. Here are the features that we have liked about this hutch.

What you can expect with the Ferplast Rabbit Hutchferplast-rabbit-hutch-rabbit-expert-1

The design is great with a rounded shape, a slightly sloping roof and doors on all sides. It is made using the thick Grand Lodge Plus plastic and is thus is sturdy enough. It comes in two sizes and offers enough space for your beloved pets to play around in the two floors.

It comes with a range of accessories that a rabbit would need such as a drinking bottle, a feeding bowl and a feeder for hay. This is a unique feature about the Ferplast Rabbit Hutch by Ferplast that is missing on the others of its type. Among the different additional accessories that you can buy are the protective roller which can protect the rabbit from the adverse climatic conditions, the roof insulation kit which shields them from the scorching sun during summer and torrential rain during monsoon.

There are two trays- the bottom tray is used for collecting waste, which is common with most of the other hutches; besides, you will also find another dust-collecting tray at the middle, behind the door.

Some pros of the Ferplast Rabbit Hutch

    • It is provided with all the amenities and features that will allow the rabbits to live comfortably. Additionally, there are safety locks which will provide them security and protection.
    • It offers wide space and comfortable arrangement for the rabbits on both the floors- they can play around, eat or interact with you in the wired ground floor or can nest in the upper floor where the wooden walls and minimal openings support the same. The two floors are separated from each other using a closing hatch so that you can restrict the rabbits in a particular floor during cleaning.
    • It comes with some great accessories as mentioned above. Among them, the drinking bottle can be attached firmly to the net at the lower floor using a hook and has a capacity of 600ml with level indicator so that it becomes convenient for you to refill it.
    • It is easy to install as the loose parts and food accessories are neatly packed. We will like to share a small tip here- use an electric drill for the wooden parts at the top and a screw driver for the rest while installing.

What other people are sayingferplast-rabbit-hutch-rabbit-expert

      • It is enclosed in the upper area. Though it provides adequate arrangements for nesting, it does not allow you to spot the bunnies when all of them are resting upstairs.
      • The bottom door is too small to insert things into the hutch.
      • Many would consider it as an indoor hutch for their rabbits, especially due to its plastic construction. But the problem here is that the bottom tray is not easily removable when the house rests on the carpet.
      • It is a bit expensive as compared to the others of its types.

Final thoughts

The plastic rabbit hutch by Ferplast is a great option for those who are looking for an indoor rabbit house. It is light-weight yet sturdy in construction and also comes with certain accessories which you would need to buy separately for most of the other hutches. Save and except the few negatives that are discussed, it is the perfect choice for your bunnies!


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