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Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food: Ingredients, Review & Ratings

Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics Essentials Adult Rabbit Pet Food

Dry food for rabbits serves two purposes. It plugs in the gaps in the nutritional profile of their diet and secondly, it caters to the rabbit’s taste buds. Some people say that rabbits are not finicky eaters at all. You can give them chow and it doesn’t matter what it is. The bunny will gorge on it like a whale. But that’s as far from the truth as it can get.

Rabbits are picky as hell about what they eat.

If your rabbit is about to reach adulthood, then the Oxbow Adult Rabbit Food will be an excellent rabbit food choice.

These soft, chewy pellets made from the choicest and most nutritious ingredients are a favorite among bunnies of all sizes. Ever since it was first launched in the market, its popularity has only increased and it has garnered tons of positive customer reviews all over.


The Complete Nutritional Food

The dry food for adult rabbits is from their Bunny Basics Essentials range which comprises of food pellets for rabbits of all ages. The composition (formula) changes depending on the age of the bunny.

The adult food is a healthy mix of fresh ingredients that contain dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Along with ensuring that the rabbit gets enough energy to hoppity skip around home, it also ensures that the coat looks nourished and healthy.

The main ingredient in the food is timothy grass and this gives the pellets a very lush green color. In fact, you can almost smell the fresh grass when you open a pack of the food. Timothy grass being rich in dietary fiber, allows your rabbit to stay full for a longer period of time and prevents binge eating.

Not to mention that it is very useful for a healthy digestive system and keeps the bunny’s teeth from growing wild and untamed.

Along with timothy hay, the Oxbow Bunny Basics Essential rabbit food also contains a healthy calcium to phosphorus ratio which is crucial for your bunny’s health. Have you ever noticed sludge or white crystals in your rabbit’s urine?

The dry food that your bunny eats may be to blame. Absorbing more calcium than they need is a common problem in rabbits and only a dry food with the precise calcium to phosphorus ratio can prevent this problem from occurring.

The other notable ingredients in the Oxbow Bunny basics includes Vitamin A, E, C, K, D3 along with Niacin, Riboflavin, B12, Folic acid and other essential nutrients.

Do Rabbits Like The Pellets?

Absolutely! This is a vet recommended rabbit food that is perfect for rabbits that refuse to eat other brands of dry food.

These pellets are smaller sized and softer too which makes them easier to chew. Since Oxbow pellets it straight from the farm, the pellets are noticeably fresher as compared to any other brand.

This is another reason why rabbits love these pellets. It tastes almost like an enhanced version of their favorite hay.

To top it off, it does not contain any added coloring, flavors or preservatives which can cause problems for your bunny’s health in the long run.

Is it an Expensive or Cheap Rabbit Food?

The 25 lbs bag only costs $32.12 and if you only have one adult bunny that eats ¼ cup each day, a single bag should easily last a year.

That’s unbelievable value for money.

And if you are concerned that the food will go stale once the package is opened, you’d be happy to know that it comes in a large resealable bag that keeps the food fresh even after months of opening the bag.

Can I Give my Rabbit Only The Oxbow Bunny Essentials Dry Food?

No, you can’t. An adult rabbit needs a mix of fresh vegetables, leafy greens and the occasional fruit along with the dry food.

To know more about this, please read our article about the ideal diet for your rabbits.

Why I Like This Rabbit Food

  • Timothy Hay based formula
  • Small and softer pellets that are easier to chew
  • Pelleted from the farm and is fresher than most other dry foods
  • Nutrient dense formula
  • Contains the right amount of dietary fiber, protein and vitamins
  • Right calcium to phosphorus ratio
  • Value for money pricing


Irrespective of whether you are shopping for the first dry food for your adult rabbit or looking to replace the dry food for your finicky pet, the Bunny essentials dry food from Oxbow is one of the best options you have.