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Oxbow Young Rabbit Food: Ingredients, Review & Ratings

Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics Young Rabbit Fortified Small Animal Feeds

Everybody knows that a rabbit’s nutritional requirements are quite different in the first year of their life. Most bunny parents know the ‘more alfalfa’ rule too.

What they do not know is that this extends to the dry rabbit food as well, especially since any time below the age of 1 year is the perfect time to introduce your bunnies to dry food.

If you are wondering what dry food would be the right fit for your young rabbit’s nutritional profile and keep their taste buds interested at the same time, then here’s the Oxbow Young Rabbit Food.

This is from their Bunny Basics range of food and is specially designed for rabbits below the age of 1.

It is an excellent supplement to the fresh hay and leafy greens that your bunny may already be eating. And if you are guilty of not supplying enough leafy veggies, then this food becomes a necessity at that delicate age for your pet.


Energy Dense Rabbit Food

Your little bunny is a bundle of unabridged raw energy and to keep up with the added effort, they need a dry food that is equally nutrient dense. The Young rabbit food from Oxbow is packed with protein, dietary fiber and amino acids which are vital for their growth.

For this reason, the food is also perfect for any adult rabbit or geriatric bunny that is struggling with health complications and has lost a lot of weight in recent times.

The pellets are softer and have a fresh aroma that is identical to what you’d get when you open a pack of fresh alfalfa hay. But it’s not all taste.

It’s about the nutritional content too, isn’t it?

Here are the main ingredients in the Oxbow Young Bunny dry food.

  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Soy based products
  • Wheat

While Alfalfa delivers the much needed dietary fiber and protein, soy ensures that the healthy fats are delivered as well. Last but not the least; wheat gives your bunnies the energy they need from a clean carbohydrate source.

The vitamin blend is equally good by the way. There’s a whole blend of B Vitamins along with D3, A, Calcium, folic acid, choline and riboflavin.

Overall, it is the most perfect blend of nutrition that a young rabbit needs.

By the way, almost forgot to mention that many vets also recommend the Oxbow Young Bunny dry food for rabbits that are nursing.

Do Young Bunnies Like These Pellets?

Oh you bet! I have personally fed these to all six of my bunnies when they were transitioning from babies to adults and developing personalities of their own.

While all of them ate it, some just gorged on it.

This can also be ascertained by the excellent customer reviews that this dry food has. Don’t be surprised if you find comments that state that bunnies beg for it or bunnies have lived for 15 years eating just this.

There’s a hint of exaggeration in those statements but it pretty much sums up the excellent quality and the ease of feeding these to your bunnies.

What is The Right Dosage For my Rabbit?

While the manufacturer recommends that you give your bunnies unlimited pellets along with unlimited access to fresh hay of their choice, you can introduce these pellets in limited doses. In an ideal scenario, dry food should only account for about 5% of their total diet and that’s what you’d want to stick to, provided all the other nutritional requirements are met.

On the other hand, if you are gradually transitioning the bunny’s diet, then you’d want to mix it up with the current food that your rabbit is eating.

A recommended ratio is 3:1, with 3 part old food and 1 part new one. This can then gradually be increased until your bunny eats the new food without any problems.

This also enables you to keep track if your pet develops any digestive problems due to the new food. (Even though that is unheard of)

Why I Like This Product

  • Nutritionally dense formula that is designed for young rabbits
  • Soft pellets
  • Fresh ingredients
  • No colors, preservatives
  • High in protein and dietary fiber
  • Can be used for aging bunnies too
  • Loved by young rabbits


Give your bunnies the nutrition they deserve without compromising on the taste or the ingredients. The Oxbow Bunny Basics Young rabbit food is hands down, the best rabbit food for bunnies below the age of 1.