Rabbit Hutch with Attic by TRIXIE in Review


After dogs and cats, rabbits are one of the animals that are tamed across the households. Unlike dogs and cats which can be kept inside your home, rabbits are normally kept outside in rabbit hutches. One such great hutch is the Rabbit Hutch with Attic by TRIXIE, one of the leading manufacturers of pet products.

If you are on the lookout for such a hutch to keep your rabbits or any other similar pets, for that matter, you can surely consider this as an option. It is ideal for guinea-pigs and has also been used by some to keep their cats. Let us look at the details and find out more about the product.

Features of the Rabbit Hutch with Attic by TRIXIErabbit-hutch-with-attic-rabbit-expert

This is a two-storied rabbit house with a retreat area on the upper story. The rabbits can retreat there when it feels warm on the wired area downstairs. There is also an attic with removable floor where you can store things such as their feeding items and also your garden equipments. There is a non-slip ramp which will allow the animals to move up move up when they prefer the shade or can come down to feel the warmth of sunrays.

The dimensions are 38x31x47 inches which I feel is sufficient to accommodate quite a few rabbits together and the shipping weight is 70 lbs.

The hutch also comes with a pull-out tray which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The roof is hinged and the two locking arms can open on the either sides.

Some incredible pros of the Rabbit Hutch with Attic by TRIXIErabbit-hutch-with-attic-rabbit-expert-1

  • You will like the strong, sturdy construction with quality woods and the glazy finish of the hutch. There is an extra panelling at the back which protects your pets from the severe climatic conditions. It is therefore the ideal one to stand the extremes of weather and climate and looks great too.
  • The easy-to-clean tray makes it easily usable for all, particularly the people with back pain since they do not have to bend much in order to clean the hutch. It will also save your precious time and relieve you of the hassles of cleaning their shit. Just allow the waste to collect in the tray and empty it from time to time (the frequency will depend on the number of rabbits that you are having).
  • The concept of ramp is simply great as it allows the rabbits to move up and down easily and does not occupy much space either. It is a non-slip ramp and you do not have to worry about the safety of the little creatures.
  • It is also quite easy to assemble the different parts. And if maintenance is an important factor for you, let me assure you that you will not have to put in much effort behind thanks to the removable tray that is there.
  • Another thing which is kind of unique about this hutch is the internal access door which can be opened or close as required. So, if you want to restrict your rabbits from moving downstairs, you can easily do that!

Anything worth being worried over?

The hutch does not look bad but is not striking or catchy as compared to some of its competitors which are highly attractive in their designs. Some look like pagodas while some others are cute and colorful.

Final Thoughts

The Rabbit Hutch with Attic by TRIXIE is a great choice for keeping rabbits in the outdoor area because of its convenient design and other great features such as non-slip ramp and removable tray. If you have rabbits at home, you can definitely go ahead and buy it!


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