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Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food: Ingredients, Review & Ratings

Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food - Timothy blend (Grain & Soy-Free)In recent times, there has been a lot of hue and cry over the use of GMO grains in animal food products. When it comes to rabbit pellets, a lot of manufacturers are guilty of supplementing their dry pellets with soy and/or grains.

While both these ingredients are usually well tolerated in bunnies, they tend to trigger an avalanche of health disorders in some rabbits. The simpler problems are those associated with the gut and fur. Serious problems can be potentially fatal in the long run.

So, one of the preventive therapies that vets suggest is to go off any dry rabbit food that contains soy or grains. Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food with its timothy blend is one of the first ones recommended by vets.

This simple but nutritionally dense dry food formula contains ingredients that are considered to be a natural part of the rabbit’s diet.


Natural Timothy Hay Based Formula

The primary ingredient is Timothy Hay. While you may already be feeding your rabbit fresh hay, a timothy hay based dry pellet is higher in fiber content which helps to regulate your bunny’s eating habits.

Further, the rabbit food also contains flax seed which is equally fiber dense. But the perks of flaxseed go beyond the fiber content.

It is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are immensely beneficial for the rabbit’s coat and cardiovascular health.

Sherwood’s adult rabbit food also helps prevent dental disease which is common in rabbits that are fed cheap dry food formulas due to the excessive amounts of protein, undigested starch and an imbalance in calcium and other vital nutrients.

Here are a few benefits of this formula that I have experienced firsthand with my rabbits.

  1. Reduced litter box odor: One of my mini lops which came in when he was 6 months old had severe problems with his gut and his stools very loose in the earlier days. He was being fed a different dry food brand by his previous parent and I recall struggling with the litter odor that was so strong. I tried switching over to an all-natural diet too. But to no avail. Eventually, my vet recommended the Sherwood Adult rabbit food and within just three weeks, the litter box odor had reduced by almost 60%.
  2. Urine sludge: Another common problem in cheap dry food that is loaded with more protein than what your bunny can digest is urinary sludge or white crystals of calcium carbonate being excreted in the urine. This also can lead to a strong litter box odor. Initially, the vet suspected that this was a problem with the endocrine disorder. But after switching over to the Sherwood adult rabbit food, the sludge problem decreased considerably and I have every reason to believe that it is the imbalance in calcium and protein in the cheap quality dry food that led to the condition.
  3. Weight Loss: Excessively starchy foods can cause significant weight gain in bunnies. Apart from making them lethargic and bloated, it can cause severe diarrhea and can even be fatal for the bunny if left untreated. The balanced nutritional profile and the lack of cheap protein and carbohydrate sources in the Sherwood formula help a rabbit maintain their weight. If the bunny is overweight, this can help them in reducing the weight whereas if the bunny is underweight, this helps them in gaining healthy weight with the right amount of muscle.

Do Bunnies Like This?

If your bunny is used to eating junk dry food then they may be reluctant to switch over to the Sherwood adult rabbit food because it is a lot healthier and does not contain flavors or preservatives.

So, you will have to spend some time transitioning the rabbit to the new food. Be rest assured, that once the rabbit gets used to this food, they won’t be eating anything else.

What is The Right Dosage For my Rabbit?

The dosage for your rabbit depends on the amount of natural hay that you feed them. Ideally, you should feed your rabbit at least 50% of their body weight in natural hay. If that is not the case, then you can feed them 1 cup of the Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food every day.

On the other hand, if your rabbit gets their share of hay, then you can feed them ¼ or ½ a cup of the Sherwood rabbit food every day.

Why I Like Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food – Timothy Blend (Grain & Soy-Free)

  • Timothy hay based formula
  • Free of GMO grains and soy
  • No cheap filler ingredients or carbohydrate sources
  • Ideal for rabbits who have gained/lost a lot of weight
  • Healthy food
  • Helps reduce litter box odor, urinary sludge, dental disorders and fur problems
  • Flax seed with chelated minerals and vitamins


As one of the only dry food formulas without GMO grains and soy, the Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food is a must buy if your bunny is experiencing any of the health conditions that I have mentioned here.