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The Best Rabbit Water Bottles

We’ve investigated dozens of different water bottles, searching for the best rabbit water bottle. A quality water bottle is one thing you definitely need for your rabbit. A rabbit water bottle multi-purpose; the most obvious use is the keep your rabbit hydrated, but it can also be used to give medication, and feed baby bunnies. Below we’ve listed the best water bottles you can buy for your rabbit.

Choco Nose H528

495 Reviews

The best thing about the Choco Nose H528 rabbit water bottle is it’s leak-proof. The fact that this bottle does not leak is an obvious benefit; the cage will stay cleaner, and your rabbit’s food won’t be ruined. Also, you will need to fill it less frequently.

It’s very easy to take this bottle on and off the cage to clean and refill it, and then screw on bracket makes installation easy. You can also nail it to a wall, if you’re using it in a hutch with no metal bars.

In our opinion, this is the best rabbit water bottle out of all of the bottles we tested. It’s easy to install and remove, and this water bottle is absolutely leak-proof, making life easier for both you and your bunnies.

Poodle Pet Water Bottle

451 Reviews

This is easily attached to your rabbits’ cage with a turning fixer wheel. Simply turning the water bottle and unscrewing the cap allows you to fill it and screw it closed quickly and easily.

This makes it good for controlling spillage; no water will come out unless your rabbit taps the bottle’s dispenser. This means your rabbit’s cage will stay drier and the wasted water waste will minimal.

Using this bottle can ensure that your bunny doesn’t run out of water, allowing you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Kordon SOA80850

56 Reviews

This ranked number 3, but it is still a good choice for your rabbit. It’s similar to the Poodle Pet water bottle, and it’s weatherproof; this makes it a good option for an outdoor hutch.

This bottle has a large capacity of 32 ounces. However, some have reported this bottle leaked; it’s important to screw the lid on very tightly to prevent leaking.

While the frosted surface can make seeing the water level difficult, it’s a good characteristic for an outdoor water bottle, because the frosted finish can help prevent algae.

Lixit SLX0670

683 Reviews

This water bottle is a great option for multiple rabbits; it has a massive 64-ounce capacity. Another benefit of the Lixit SLX0670 is it is weather resistant.

This bottle attaches to the cage with two wire holders, however, removing the bottle to refill it can be awkward, due to its size.

Buyers Guide for Rabbit Water Bottles 

Buying the best water bottle for your rabbit is very important. Let’s explore and explain different comparison points between different water bottles as well as water bowls. We’ll also take a look at how to attach the water bottle to the pen, cage or hutch, and how to stop it from freezing in cold weather. We hope to give you the guidance and information you need to find the best water bottle for your bunnies.

Reasons Why Rabbits Need a Water Bottle

Just like any animal, your rabbit needs to drink water, and this is especially true in the summer. To prevent dehydration and possible death, water must be available to your bunny 24/7. A water bottle enables your rabbit to quench it’s thirst conveniently, with minimal mess. 

Feeding Baby Rabbits

Baby bunnies need to be fed by hand, and a water bottle could also hold the liquid food, and be used instead of a baby bottle.

Administering Medication

A water bottle may also be used to give liquid medication to your rabbit. Rabbits are bad at taking pills, so liquid medication in their water will make it easier for both of you.
Rabbit Water Bottles vs Rabbit Water Bowls

Although water bowls and water bottles serve the same purpose, they diverge markedly in their efficiency. This is because water bowls are easier to tip over, causing spills and mess. Water bowls are also far more prone to contamination; rabbit urine, feces, dirt, and bacteria are some of the contaminants that could make your bunny sick. 

If you consider all the factors, water bottles are superior to water bowls, due to a few reasons. For one, they can’t be contaminated with waste, and second, they can’t tip over. Also, they can maintain the water levels due to they inhibit evaporation.

Tips For Buying a Rabbit Water Bottle

Choosing the appropriate capacity will depend on the number of rabbits in your pen or hutch. Choose a larger size water bottle if you’re feeding more than one rabbit at a time.

To allow your rabbits to drink with ease, get one with a long spout. The spout should be made of metal to allow for easy drinking.

A good water bottle must be easy to clean as well as long lasting. To guarantee both these requirements, the bottle should be made of sturdy material like stainless steel or ceramic. However, most rabbit water bottles are made of plastic. If you choose plastic, make sure it is made of non-toxic BPA free material.

Your Rabbit’s Age and Size
Consider the size and age of your rabbit; pay attention to the recommended age on the packaging, and the shape and size. 

Ease of Cleaning
Take a look at how the bottle needs to be cleaned before purchasing. Buy a bottle that is made of easy to clean, non-porous materials like ceramic or stainless steel.

Certain brands like as Ferplast, Lixit, and Kordon Oasis are consistently reviewed as the best of all rabbit water bottles. They are likely to serve you and your bunny for years.

Attaching the Bottle to Your Bunny’s Pen or Hutch

First, rotate the bottle upside down to make sure that the water is flowing freely.
Look for an open space on the hutch or cage, and insert the bottle’s spout.

Next, attach the bottle holder to the pen, cage or hutch, and secure the bottle.
Finally, do any finishing touches that might be necessary, such as insulating the bottle against freezing.

Stop Your Rabbit’s Water Bottle From Freezing

Shop for a good water bottle cover, one that’s designed for your particular brand and size of the bottle. Once you have the right type of water bottle cover, wrap it around the bottle, and seal tightly, to prevent heat loss. You can further place an insulation lining between the water bottle and the cover if necessary.

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