Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutch in Review


Many of us have a fetish for rabbits and nowadays it features as a common pet among various households. These fluffy creatures are very pleasant in nature and they can be good companions to human beings, especially kids.

Though rabbits seek human company a lot, they need a separate shelter where they can sleep and spend time devoid of human company. Rabbit hutches are very much in vogue and are available in loads of designs. The online sites have stocked plenty of rabbit hutches of unique designs which will go well with different settings of houses.

They look so good that they can act as a component in the interiors of your house. We have gone through the online sites and have come across Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutch and it has been highly recommended by its users. It is available on Amazon. If you are ready to purchase it, you should have a look at its features along with the pros and cons.

Features of the Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutchtrixie-pet-products-62302-rabbit-hutch-rabbit-expert

Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutch is a rabbit hutch which consists of 2 stories which come with a retreat on top level along with a ramp that is non-slip in nature. The house weighs 58 pounds and the dimensions are 45.5 x 24.8 x 38 inches. It comes with an interior hatch door as well.

Some pros to look out for

  • This hutch has gathered highly positive reviews from the users. It is very convenient to maintain and the best part about it is that it is very easy to assemble.
  • The interior of the hutch is very helpful since it forms a division from the two compartments and offers a separate place if there are more than one rabbits. Also, the hatch door will provide you with the option to restrict access between the different levels if you want to.
  • The non-slip ramp will allow your rabbits to go upstairs and downstairs whenever they feel like. The rabbits can also enjoy the warmth of sunlight or stay in the shade for some comfort.
  • The Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutch hutch is constructed from solid wood which makes it sturdy and durable in nature. The hutch also uses materials like glazed pine, composite asphalt shingles, metal lattice coated by powder or even metal hardware. Made from quality materials, the hutch will be able to withstand the attack of harsh natural elements if you keep it outside your house and will require minimal maintenance. The stained pine finish of the hutch will make it look strikingly good.
  • The pullout tray made of plastic is available along with the hutch which facilitates easy cleaning and clearing of droppings. Also, there are 3 doors, each of which has a metal latch. Between the levels, there is a hinged roof which has locking arms that open from above.

Cons of the Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutch

This cute hutch has got majorly positive reviews but a few users have had some minor complaints. The door latch that is present at the top can be replaced with a better latch. Also, the bottom door should have a larger opening.

Summary and final thoughts

Positive feedbacks have been the strongest point of this hutch. The Trixie Pet Products 62302 Rabbit Hutch is one of the hutches that are appropriate for the rabbits and their fun-loving nature. If they want to stay indoors, they can sleep inside or they can even roam around within the outdoor space of the hutch. If you are determined to get a hutch for your dear rabbits, go for this one as it is the perfect combination of affordability and great functionality.


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