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Trixie Two-Storied Rabbit Hutch Review in 2020

It is a two-storied hutch with a simple and sober design that uses sturdy wooden construction. It is ideal for keeping a pair of rabbits and helping them to move about and play freely. It is basically a wooden house with sloping roof and a retreat area in the upper floor. There is also an attic to store important things which comes with a removable door. There is a non-slip ramp through which the rabbits can move up and down and hatch door that can be used to restrict free access between the two levels.

There are not one but two trays for the cleaning purpose which helps in easy cleaning of the hutch. Another feature to look for is the hinged roof which has locking arms opening on either side.

Pros of the Trixie Two-Storied Rabbit Hutchtrixie-2-story-rabbit-hutch-with-attic-rabbit-expert

  • The bunnies can move down whenever they feel like interacting with the outer world through the wired walls and can move up if they seek shade or privacy. They can also take shelter in the attic if an additional insulation is required or for nesting purposes.
  • The hutch is nicely designed with plenty of doors along the sides and sloping roofs so that the rain and snow can trickle down the edges. It having the dimensions 53 x 44 x 45.2 inches can easily house larger bunnies such as a Holland Lop. It comes with some great safety features so that you do not have to worry about your furry kids all the time. It also allows you to access them easily through the multiple doors and even separate them if they show violence towards each other or need to be isolated for reproductive purposes.
  • It is easy to install since the pieces are neatly packed and are easy to put together. The instruction manual explains the steps clearly and one will not be having any problem there. It is also very easy to clean and maintain- thanks to the two trays that are present.
  • It is a great choice for an indoor bunny hutch since you can put the food bowl and water bottle upstairs and your carpet will be saved from getting dirty! Also, there are the trays which make it easier for you to collect the waste and keep your floor clean.

Certain things to look out for

  • The wood is somewhat thin and flimsy and may even be chewed up by the rabbits in places. It may not also be able to withstand the extremes of climate through the years and cannot therefore be regarded as a durable option. It is thus not a good one for outdoor use.
  • The ramp is too narrow for the bunnies to move up and come down. It is just 5” inches wide and the bigger bunnies may find it difficult to understand the purpose of the ramp. It will however be fine once they get accustomed to it.
  • The pine glaze emits strong odor which is not at all healthy for the rabbits that are highly sensitive to smell.

Summary of the Trixie Two-Storied Rabbit Hutch

The TRIXIE two-storied rabbit hutch with an attic (extra-large) is a wonderful option for keeping your rabbits indoor.

The rabbits can go up if they prefer shades and may even take shelter in the attic if they want to. Again, they can come down using the ramp and have a great time frolicking in the wired area. The two plastic trays save your floor from getting dirty.

However, it is not a very good option for the outdoor. Another great disadvantage is the odor of the pine glaze. If you are cool with all these, you can definitely choose the rabbit hutch for your pets!