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Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Double Decker Rabbit Hutch Review in 2020

Just like a variety of pet houses for dogs are available in the market, hutches for rabbits are not rare either! There are many such ready-to-install rabbit hutches that are in rage among the pet-owners and provide them a great option to house their little friends.

One such house, the Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Double Decker Hutch for Rabbits and Small Pets is an aesthetically designed hutch that provides great functionality. It is used for small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs and offers them huge space to grow freely. You may go through the great features that it has to offer.

Features of the Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Double Decker Hutchware-manufacturing-premium-plus-double-decker-hutch-rabbit-expert

It is a double-decker hutch of dimensions 46″ X 24″ X 41″ that can house a large number of rabbits and offers them ample space.

There are two locking door, making it a safe choice for your pets. They are not likely to fall down and injure themselves. The wires are rust-proof and coated with a stain that is non-toxic and thus a healthy option.

  • Being made from top grade fir lumbar, it is sturdy and durable. So, although the rabbits chew on the parts, they cannot damage it in any way. It looks great with a glazy finish that is given and also due to the compact design.
  • There are two floors and in each floor there are the wired areas when they feel like enjoying the sunrays during the winter or a cool breeze during summer. You can place two different lots of rabbits on the different floors and thus keep them isolated. Unlike many of the other pet hutches available in the market, this one can thus be of great use in keeping multiple number of rabbits, not just one or two.
  • It has a easy-to-open side-out pen which makes the hutch easy to clean. Maintaining and cleaning the hutch is really easy. There are plastic trays where the waste can collect and can be cleaned up later. The wired floor ensures that the waste gets collected at the tray below and the rabbits do not end up sitting on their own shit!

Cons of the Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Double Decker Hutch

  • Some people have experienced problems with the warped wood, improperly sized screw holes and other such manufacturing defects which go against the credibility of the manufacture and can be considered to be serious negatives for the house.
  • It has been also observed in a few cases that the trays cannot efficiently collect the waste from the animals. The urine might leak through the plastic trays and spill on the floor.
  • The roof, unlike most other hutches is not sloping and thus can’t offer sufficient protection against snow and rain.


The Ware Manufacturing Premium Plus Double Decker Hutch is a great hutch for your bunnies which combines utility with style. The hutch has enough space to offer in its two stories where the rabbits can live freely.

The wired structure helps them to connect to the outer world as well. Also, the house is provided with certain safety features which help you to ensure security of your bunnies. It is also quite easy to install and easy to clean as well.

So, as you can understand, it has lots of positives to offer and the handful of negatives such as defective parts and leaking trays prove to be ignorable in comparison. It is thus a great product to buy and has naturally won the good-will of the customers. If you want to be the next happy buyer, order it soon!