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Ware Manufacturing Rabbit Double Hutch Review in 2020

Rabbits are one of the cuddliest pets! They are among the most easily manageable pets too! These cute animals, however, need to be kept inside a secure hutch to keep them protected from danger as well as to maintain a pleasant environment inside, irrespective of the harsh climatic conditions outside.

Ware Manufacturing HD Bunny and Rabbit Double Hutch is a utility product from Ware Manufacturing which is designed for housing multiple bunnies in two separate chambers. You can isolate a sick bunny whenever required and remove the separator between the two chambers when you feel like allowing the bunnies to mate. Also, if you have a single bunny or some other similar pet, you can remove the divider to allow it more space to play freely.

You can place this hutch outside and will not have to worry about the falling temperatures of the heavy drizzles.

Learn about the hutch in-depthware-manufacturing-hd-bunny-and-rabbit-double-hutch-rabbit-expert

The hutch is constructed of sturdy lumbar and has wired walls to allow the rabbit interact with the owners. This is a great idea since it will allow fresh air to circulate inside the hutch and generate a soothing feeling during the summer. It should be kept in mind that a rabbit can manage to keep itself warm during winter. It is during summer that it can feel hot and suffocated and would thus need an inflow of fresh air through the hutch.

Pros of the Ware Manufacturing HD Bunny and Rabbit Double Hutch

  • It is a safety-optimized rabbit hutch with two locking doors at the front that can prevent anyone from causing harm to the rabbits. The galvanized rust-proof wires with water-proof stain also protect the bunnies from getting harmed.
  • The hutch of dimensions 75-inch Width X 34.5-inch Depth X 48-inch Height is easy to handle and also does not require much effort while installing.
  • The hutch is durable and can withstand the biting of the rabbits in places. It can thus serve as the rabbit’s ideal house for years to come.
  • There are two separate chambers and more number of rabbits can thus be kept or even separated if required.

Things you’ll have to look out for

  • A few buyers have noticed problems with the assembly due to faulty parts. This, however, is not the general scenario. If you face a similar problem, you should contact the seller immediately and ask them to replace the parts as soon as possible.
  • Your rabbit may find it boring since the two-storied hutches have occupied the market and they offer a great option for playing and enjoying to the bunnies. They can move up and down the ramp whenever they feel like. Ware Manufacturing HD Bunny and Rabbit Double Hutch does not offer any such option.
  • The looks are too simplistic and do not offer a good display at all. It is thus not preferred by most of the pet-owners since a lot of catchy and attractive pet-houses have occupied the market.
  • It does not have a separate area for resting or nesting. This is a major drawback as compared to the other hutches since most of them have a separate enclosed area for these purposes.

Summary of the Rabbit Hutch

The Ware Manufacturing HD Bunny and Rabbit Double Hutch is a segregated hutch for pets like rabbits which can keep many of them together (or in separate chambers if required) and offer them sufficient protection.

However, it loses out to its competitors with respect to its looks and housing arrangements. If you are looking for a sturdy hutch with minimalistic designs, then only can you go for this one.